PRIVATE SESSION – How To Fight Inflation by Creating INSTANT Cash Flow


Attention All Restaurateurs, Food Truck Proprietors, Retailers, Spa Operators…

Your Call To Action And Participation Is Requested.

TLDR; The Buda Area Chamber of Commerce invites you to participate in a unique, cash-flow-enhancing program to protect your business against rising inflation using Mobile Gift Cards. Only 15 spots available. Register below to learn how it benefits YOUR business. 

As you all know, the Buda Chamber is always looking for simple yet proven and effective ways to help our business community prosper and thrive, especially in these difficult times. 

We’ve all been slapped by inflation, and it stings to see our expenses rising day after day, and having that cut into our bottom lines.

Let’s face it.

Inflation is NOT going away…

So we have two choices:

OPTION 1:  Hunker down and wait for the economy to turn… OR…

OPTION 2: Take a Proactive Approach to insulate our businesses against it by increasing our cash flow.

To that point, the Buda Chamber is spearheading the roll out of a unique, CASH FLOW MAXIMIZING program we feel speaks to those business owners who are forward-thinking and want to take firm action to move their business forward – taking the fight to inflation in a strategic way.

This specialized program isn’t for everyone. In fact, at this time, we only have room for 15 participants and we’re reaching out to all restaurant, food truck, retail and professional service members of the Chamber to consider joining us.

One of our ambassadors will be hosting a series of three (3) LIVE ZOOM Workshops through the end of the month in order to better explain the benefits of participating in this program which is designed to instantly increase your cash flow using Mobile Gift Cards in your business, just like the most successful brands.

If you’ve been concerned about how the rising cost of inflation has been hindering your growth, this may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

There will only be three (3) of these informative LIVE Zoom sessions that will cost $49* to attend; please choose your date below. 

While the information you’ll receive will be well worth the price of admission, in the spirit of GIFT GIVING we’re providing a total of 30 Gift Passes on a first-come-first-serve basis that will *WAIVE the entire $49 registration fee, with our compliments.

* $49 Registration Fee Has Been WAIVED *

One of the things that will be shared about this enterprise-level technology program that
incorporates mobile wallets with AI sales flows, social media, online e-commerce, and geo-fencing marketing capabilities will be how you can easily create an automated, significant cash flow stream that runs on auto-pilot for your business.

So, please join us as we cover other exciting topics like:

    • Generating an additional, significant revenue stream (379% ROI or more!)
    • Immediately increasing your company’s cash flow
    • Rewarding your loyal fans and winning new customers
    • Boosting your brand
    • Taking advantage of the upcoming 2022 Gifting Season


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All Sessions will run approximately 30 minutes and will include a LIVE DEMO








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All Sessions will run approximately 30 minutes and will include a LIVE DEMO








But that’s not all!

All attendees will have a chance to WIN valuable rewards and business-building tools. 

    • FREE Website Redesign 
    • FREE RepBubble for 90 days – leverage your excellent reputation by automatically displaying your 4- and 5-Star Reviews on your website, 24/7
    • FREE BizBubble for 90 days – personalize a video greeting for all your website visitors and make offers or invite them to call to book an appointment  
    • FREE Social Media posting campaign for 90 days – we’ll post 5 x’s a week to up to 5 of your business’ social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profiles, Twitter and LinkedIn!

REMEMBER, there are only 30 complimentary Gift Passes. Hurry and reserve your spot for one of the sessions TODAY! This is one of those strategic, no-brainer business decisions that you should make RIGHT NOW!

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Buda Area Chamber of Commerce