New Pet Supply Business

The Buda Area Chamber of Commerce is delighted to announce that Pet Supplies Plus, a new family owned business joined the chamber at a Corporate Partner membership level.

Pet Supplies PlusArt and Penny Lasseter are the proud owners of Buda’s latest addition, the brand-new Pet Supplies Plus at 710 Old San Antonio Rd. This store is the fruition of over two years of effort, and a lifetime of experiences coming together to serve the community of Buda, in a way that truly benefits some of the most beloved members of our community; our pets.

Their vision is one of being more than a pet store but being a neighbor to all. Being involved in the local area and working with the community to help enrich the lives of all who live here in addition to providing a wide array of products and quality foods so that our furry, scaly and winged family members can live longer, healthier lives.

The Lasseter family has had their roots in the Austin area for the last quarter century and in Texas dating back to the existence of the Republic of Texas, so they are no stranger to the values our community holds dear. “With the goal of exceptional service and the flexibility of a price-match guarantee we feel we can really be an integral part of the Buda community when it comes to treating our pets like family” Art stated. “Buda is a vibrant and growing community of pet lovers from all walks of life and we are privileged to be able to help strengthen the bond that ties us all together, our shared love of animals.”

Buda Area Chamber of Commerce