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Buda Texas Celebrates The Fajita

Buda, Texas Celebrates the Fajita

4th Annual Fajita Fiesta and Cook-Off

Fajita FiestaThe origin of what we today call fajitas, a Spanish word for skirt steak, dates back to the 1930s Texas ranchlands of the Rio Grande Valley. During cattle roundups, cows were often butchered to feed the ranch hands. Throwaway parts such as the hide, head, entrails, and meat trimmings such as the skirt were given to the Mexican vaqueros or cowboys as part of their pay. Fast forward a few decades and fajitas, still considered scrap meat, was ground up with other scraps to make hamburger meat.

It wasn’t until the late 60’s, and early 70’s that fajitas made their way from campfires and backyard grills to the commercial market. Once meat lovers and Tex-Mex connoisseurs discovered the flavorful fajita, its popularity grew and so did the price. Once a throwaway scrap, per pound fajitas now rival the cost of top sirloin.

The popularity of fajitas has spread beyond the borders of Texas and can be found in restaurants all over the country, and even on the menu of restaurants in Canada.

The regard for fajitas is evident but one question remains: Who makes the best fajitas? That question will be answered in Buda, Texas, September 29-30, at the annual Fajita Fiesta & Cook-off hosted by the Buda Area Chamber of Commerce.

Buda, a small town 15 miles south of Austin, is hosting the tasty event for the fourth year at City Park. This annual event is more than a cook-off. It has evolved into a two-day celebration recognizing and highlighting the positive influence Mexicans and Mexican Americans have had on Texas and the country.

Fajita FiestaFajita Fiesta is a free event that offers something for all ages. Fiesta goers will experience the blending of foods, music, and cultures, and rediscover Texas through sights, sounds and taste buds. The tantalizing aroma of sizzling fajitas will fill the air, attracting people from the Rio Grande to north of the Mason Dixon Line.

In Texas, grilling is not just a weekend pastime but a competitive sport. At Fajita Fiesta grill masters and pit masters alike will compete for top dollar cash payouts, trophies, bragging rights, and to find out on that given day who is the best of the best.

Fajita Fiesta’s headliner for Saturday night is Grammy-Award winning country music artist Rick Trevino. Prior to Trevino’s performance Amanda Solis will be on the main stage for captivating tribute to the Queen of Tejano music, Selena.

A must-see is Fajita Fiesta’s Chihuahua Beauty Pageant. Chihuahua owners from across the state come to Buda for this paws-itively dif-fur-ent competition confident that their pup is the most beautiful. Chihuahuas are dressed in their best outfits to walk the red carpet. Last year’s winner was a pole dancing Chihuahua named Pearl.

Mariachi, Ballet Folklorico, and even a jalapeno eating contest are just some of the other events at Fajita Fiesta & Cook-off. More information and discounted hotel rooms rates are available at www.FajitaFiestaTexas.com. For Facebook updates and photo galleries visit Fajita Fiesta & Cook-Off.

The Buda Area Chamber of Commerce may be contacted at (512) 295-9999 or info@budachamber.com.