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Buda Area Chamber of Commerce Holds First “Business to Business” Roundtable Session”

IMG-1108Buda, TX – When it comes to establishing business contacts, networking is vital. That’s why the Buda Area Chamber of Commerce (BACC) recently held its first B2B Roundtable Session. The initiative aims to connect local business leaders so they can form a professional bond. The hope is that they will conduct business with each other, instead of looking outside of Buda. In turn, the dollars stay local.

The BACC B2B Roundtable was similar to speed dating, but for business contacts. Those who attended were able to have face-to-face meetings, and pitch their products in a quick, organized fashion.

Rodney Smith took part in the roundtable and says he’s all for keeping business local. Smith runs his own consulting business.

“It’s good to understand people and what they do on a simple level. What service and value do they provide? In turn, you figure out how you can help each other,” Smith said.

Close to 50 businesses were represented at the roundtable session. Participants were able to save countless hours of cold calling, tracking down leads, appointment setting, and travel time.

2nd-ImageFor Adam Merrill who owns “CenTex Nice & Clean”, any opportunity to promote his business is worth its weight in gold.

“The importance of networking is massive for business. I am grateful that my community can provide me with events like this so I can grow my small business,” Merrill said.

Moving forward, the BACC plans to hold additional B2B Roundtables. The goal is to represent a variety of businesses in Buda.

“I thought it was a really good first effort. I think the key is to do them with some frequency,” Smith said.