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Brewery breaks ground in Buda

Published by Haysfreepress

Two Wheel Brewing CompanyA new brewery will soon be making Buda its home. Two Wheel Brewing Company broke ground Tuesday at 535 South Loop 4.

The facility will be 5,000 square feet: 3,800 feet dedicated for a microbrewery and 1,200 square feet dedicated to a separate taproom, according to owner Marc Woffenden.

Ann Miller of Buda’s Economic Development Council said the business is projected to add 12 new jobs, and that new taxable properties would be at least $500,000 on the low end.

Woffenden hopes the business’ location near the downtown corridor could help make Buda a “destination location.” In addition, he would like customers to be able to buy beer directly from his business, or he could distribute his product through local bars.

“With our location close to downtown, it’s our hope that we’ll be able to start a destination-type brewery, where people would come in and enjoy the beer,” Woffenden said. “We’re hoping to establish a nice atmosphere, where people could come in and tour the brewery, get the beer from where it was brewed and hang out at the location in the afternoon.”